Edwardian Conservatories

Whether it’s a dining room, play room or just to add some extra living space, the Edwardian conservatory design carries an endless amount of possibilities.

A Classic Design Edwardian Conservatory offers you a selection of bold lines for a simple and elegant look providing a classic look to any home. More here: https://www.lowcostconservatory.co.uk/modern-conservatory/

Because of their squared corners, more floor space is available within your Edwardian Conservatory, giving you room to play with regarding furniture and accessories. Offering optimum floor space with their square fronted corners – allowing more room for your furniture and accessories.

Edwardian conservatories have strong bold lines for a simple and elegant look providing a classic look to any home.


Lean-to Conservatories

If its classic simplicity you are looking for in a conservatory, then look no further than the Lean-To design. With its clean lines and timeless appearance, the Lean-To conservatory style is one of the most popular conservatory options around.

Lean-To conservatories are designed to create a bridge between the inside of your home and your outside space. As with a lot of conservatories, each one is bespoke to you and your needs. You can design and build any Lean-To conservatory, from an extension to your dining room or kitchen, to the addition of a new room where you can relax in comfort and style.

Victorian Conservatories

A Victorian Conservatory is classic and elegant in its design. Add to this its unique versatility and you can see why it is suitable for all styles of properties.

The angled roofs are softened by facets that provide a more styled, rounded look, regardless of what style and design you choose.

The Victorian conservatory is the most popular style of conservatory and it suits every style of house and home whether it be a period property or a new build. When people think of a traditional conservatory, it is the Victorian style that comes to most people’s minds.

Victorian Conservatories are available in:

  • 3 Facet – A bay front that has three main windows that give a curved appearance, widely angled for maximum space.
  • 5 Facet – A bay front with five main windows creating a more rounded appearance.
  • https://www.lowcostconservatory.co.uk/
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