Are Double Glazed Windows Worth the Extra Cost?


Double Glazed Windows are now the standard type of glass found in most houses. However, if your home does not yet feature this double paned glass, do the advantages of the new two layers outweigh the costs of replacing all the windows in your home?

How much do replacement windows cost 

The Advantages

Double Glazed Windows CostThe main advantage of double glazed windows is the insulation offered by the two panes. This keeps your home warmer, and you only have to use the same amount of energy to heat it. The heat is trapped in the house, and cannot escape. Reducing the amount of lost heat energy helps save you money. New double glazing is also thicker glass, making it less likely to crack or smash in the event of a child’s ball hitting it, or accident knocks or bangs.

Another advantage is that the new windows reduce outdoor noise, from roads, and traffic by half. It also means you can have extra features added, such as inbuilt fly screens, toughed coatings, or reflective coatings. Some manufactures now even offer coatings that provide a self-cleaning feature.

The Disadvantages

The only disadvantage to replacing all your windows with double glazing is the cost. However, deals are often available to replace all windows in the home for a set cost. This does mean a sales person has to visit your house to measure your windows.

Another possibility is that your current windows are not a standard size, meaning specific designs have to be made – this can cost more, but will depend on the range available by the company you choose to install the windows.


As you can see, the advantages are greater than the disadvantages, and replacing non two layer windows in your home should be a real consideration.

If the price of having double glazing installed (get quotes from )is the main reason for you holding back on a new installation, you could consider fitting the new windows yourself if you feel capable of completing the job.

By purchasing the windows and fitting them yourself – you can save a considerable amount of money on the frames, but you can get problems with warranties and you have to be an expert to fit them.

Double Glazed Windows Cost