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Who was Jive Bunny?

Jive BunnyWhat? You've never heard of Jive Bunny! A bigger star than Madonna, more pizzazz than Elton, prettier than Oasis which isn't hard. OK so I hadn't heard of him either so I must have been living on planet Zog these last tow decades.

So who was Jive Bunny? Why he was a Rotherham rabbit with a string of hits to his name.

July 1989 - Jive Bunny had arrived and he was suddenly sitting on top of pop charts around the world with single "Swing the Mood". "Swing the Mood" entered the UK chars at number 31 on July 15th 1989, shooting up to number three, followed by a five week reign at number one. The single received a platinum award for sales in excess of 600,000 units and went on to sell 850,000 in total.

October 1989 - The single "That's What I Like" was released and stayed at number one for three weeks.

December 1989 The single "Let's Party" was released and also went to number one.

1990 - Jive Bunny and the Mastermixers found themselves in the record books alongside Frankie Goes to Hollywood and Gerry and the Pacemakers, a very select band of artists who had enjoyed three consecutive number one singles with their first releases in the UK charts.

From 1989 to 1991, Jive Bunny and the Mastermixers were stars. They released ten singles and three albums in the UK, selling over three million records. This success was repeated around the world with number one hits in countries including Australia, Hong Kong, Germany and Mexico and the United States of America. According to sources Jive Bunny sold well in excess of 22 million records. Well you know what they say about rabbits!

Since then Jive Bunny and the Mastermixers have continued to make records though without quite their former success. So where is Jive Bunny now? He lives in a warren in Parkgate, Rotherham, called the Music Factory. From he makes occasional forays to appear at live music events such as the Party in the Square in Rotherham for the Queen's Golden Jubilee 2002.

Jive Bunny and the Mastermixers was the accidental brainchild of father and son team, John and Andrew Pickles. They ran the Music Factory which operates a DJ mix service called Music Factory Mastermix, providing DJs with exclusive megamixes of classic and up to date tracks from the Music Factory roster of top remixers. One of these albums featured a rock n roll mix entitled 'Swing The Mood'. This was intended as a DJ only party mix but during the summer of 1988 the interest in this mix grew to such an extent that a single was called for. So, in January 1989, John Pickles decided to release 'Swing the Mood' as a commercial single. It took six months to obtain the rights to use the rock n roll tracks featured within 'Swing the Mood'.

Once the single was recorded there was one missing ingredient - a name for the artist. Andrew suggested 'Jive Bunny' which is supposed to be the nickname of one of his friends. A little market branding later and the Rotherham Rabbit had arrived.

From Rotherham to World Domination http://www.jivebunny.com. This is now being re-developed as a Music Factory website so I guess that Jive Bunny is now defunct. No not defunct - merely in storage. He was briefly dusted down and sent out to earn his living again early in 2006 for some concert in town. In 2007 I have read that Jive Bunny is to visit schools in and around Rotherham to encourage youngsters in the study of music.

For more about the Music Factory and Tidy visit onsite at Culture - Music - Recording Studios.

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