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In Rotherham, as in all towns, education is a very serious subject since it affects us all at one time or another. Even when we have grown up enough to escape the clutches of teachers and uniforms ourselves we still have to go through it all again with our children. Personally I hated school but it is an inescapable fact that without education most of us would still be serfs living in mud huts and tending the pigs. I suspect that 'the powers that be' would prefer the peasantry to return to the ignorant phase, but then the income from taxation would take a steep nosedive and we can't have that now can we.

This is not a comprehensive (sorry!) guide to education in and around Rotherham but a short look at the schools, colleges, further education and training that is available. There are no universities, or what used to be colleges of education or polytechnics in the borough: you will have to go to Sheffield if you want one of them. There are several further education establishments in the Borough which run a wide variety of courses. I carefully scrutinised Rotherham College of Art and Technology's brochure thinking I might try and get the old brain back in working order. The prices or some of the courses brought tears to my eyes.

Rotherham Grammar School for Boys, which had existed for hundreds of years with an excellent reputation was destroyed when the comprehensive system took over about 1966, although the building remains as the Thomas Rotherham College. All the secondary schools have undergone corporate re-brandings as Technology Schools, Sports Colleges and suchlike. Some are better than others but as far as I know, none appear in government reports as superb or struggling.

I had a full list of primary schools back about 2002 but I have not updated the Primary Schools page since. As for creches, kindergartens and nurseries I have not done a thorough survey as this is a wide topic and I have only included a few that were easily found.

There is a huge list of firms that provide Adult Education in the Borough and Northern college which is just outside it, so if you are looking to improve yourself you should find something here.

Islamic Schools

I believe that there is a madrassa in the Old Alma Road School but have no further details.

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