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Famous Old Boys

Now I have tried, really I have, to find famous old boys of Rotherham Grammar School: men who have made their mark on the world. For a school of its quality and class it seems to have produced very few men of note. Of those listed below I've certainly heard of two of them and a third one rung a very minor bell somewhere in my recollection. As for the rest!

Herbert Austin, later Lord Austin

Herbert Austin who was born on the 8th November 1866 in Little Missenden. In 1870 his father became farm bailiff to Earl Fitzwilliam and the family moved to the village of Wentworth near Rotherham, South Yorkshire. He attended Rotherham Grammar School, which meant a daily round trip of 10 miles on foot. He was the Austin of the Austin Car Company and Conservative MP from 1918-24 for Birmingham King's Norton.

Robert Auty

Robert Auty, Professor of Comparative Slavonic Philology from 1965 - 78 at the University of Oxford, and President frm 1964-7 of the British University Association of Slavists (became the British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies in 1989).

George Bentley

George Bentley, Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery from 1982 - 2002 at the University College London Medical School.

Stanley Crowther

Stanley Crowther was Labour MP from 1976 - 92 for Rotherham.

Alfred Goldstein

Alfred Goldstein CBE, civil engineer, responsible for designing the M23, the Belfast Transportation Plan, Clifton Bridge (A52) in Nottingham, Winthorpe Bridge (A1) at Newark, the Itchen Bridge in Southampton, and the Elizabeth Bridge in Cambridge.

Sir Liam Donaldson

Sir Liam Joseph Donaldson was born 3 May 1949 in Middlesbrough, England, UK) was the Chief Medical Officer for England until 2010. As such he is principal advisor to the United Kingdom Government on health matters and one of the most senior officials in the National Health Service (NHS). He lived on Norfolk Way, Rotherham from around 1958 to about 1970 when his father Raymond (Paddy) Donaldson was the medical officer for health in Rotherham at this time. Liam Donaldson was a pupil at Rotherham Grammar School.

Harry Kay

Harry Kay CBE, Vice Chancellor from 1973-84 of the University of Exeter, Professor of Psychology from 1960-73 at the University of Sheffield, and President from 1971-2 of the British Psychological Society.

Robert Sanderson

A famous pupil was who left in 1600 to attend Oxford University was Robert Sanderson. Sanderson had a distinguished academic career, became Rector of Boothby Pagnall in Lincolnshire and later Chaplain to Charles I.

Also mentioned in Wikipedia

  • George Charles Gray - organist.
  • John Harris - novelist.
  • Robert Jenkins CBE, President from 1951 - 3 and 1973 - 5 of The Welding Institute.
  • Walter Jenkins, Vice Chancellor from 1953 - 8 of the University of Dhaka.
  • Donald McWhinnie - theatre director.
  • John Rose - chemist.

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